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Partners and Business
This is a general idea of an old copy of several partnership agreements and business setups.
CKS Software Partnership Articles.rar
Compressed file archive [27.1 KB]
SDC Business Office Letter Pack
Quick Start - SDC Business Office Letter Pack
Compressed file archive [141.3 KB]
The Recording Company Forms
Here is a group of forms that you may need to help you and your company move right up the charts. Songwriter forms, artist recording agreements, cd label making fonts and forms, letters, college indie listings and much more from CKS Software Systems. We don't make a lot of the software you use. We just make using it better.
Record and Songwriting Forms.rar
Compressed file archive [19.9 MB]
Website Google Search Bar Tool
Website Google Search Bar Tool.
google search button for website.rar
Compressed file archive [428 Bytes]
The Record Promoters Kit
This list was old when it rolled off the press in the beginning. This publication was released in 2014. Still 95% of the contacts for radio stations, colleges, high schools, NPR Radio, Indie Radio and Internet Radio Stations are included for the Worldwide radio audience. If you find these publications helpful, please go to the author and download his updates or purchase the new one.
Record Promotions Kit.rar
Compressed file archive [59.9 MB]
Contemporary Country Drums for Practice and Jams.
Country Pop Drum for Practice and Jams.
country midi jam drums.rar
Compressed file archive [7.1 MB]
Kenneth Howard Smith - Vinyl Knights
Audio Sample Book with Movie Script; PDF Book File, SDC RadioWorks Digital Music Samples and many other files.
Vinyl Knights Scripts and Audio - 001.ra[...]
Compressed file archive [50.3 MB]
Vinyl Knights Audio Sample Book - 002.ra[...]
Compressed file archive [71.2 MB]
Consuelo Jones
A Unique Story about spying and chaos.
Consuelo Jones - A Story by Kenneth How[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [335.5 KB]
CKS Midi Software Bundle
If you like Jazz, then you are in luck. This is the electronic version of the Player Piano with jazz, blues, fusion and other licks.
Jazz MIDI Files.rar
Compressed file archive [238.0 KB]
Popular Music Volume One
Drums. Popular MIDI Files with samples from the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, These are General MIDI Files from various collections and data mining.
Popular Music Volume One.rar
Compressed file archive [489.3 KB]
CKS Software - Rock N Roll MIDI Drums
Hard Rock to Rock N Roll MIDI Loops
Rock N Roll MIDI Drums.rar
Compressed file archive [19.5 KB]
CKS Software Digital Drum Wave Samples
CKS Software - Digital Drum Wave Samples[...]
Compressed file archive [552.7 KB]
Old Television Show Theme Songs
MIDI Files for Old Player Piano Series. Old Television Shows. You can also make telephone ringtones out of any MIDI File.
Old Player Piano Series - Old TV Show Th[...]
Compressed file archive [289.3 KB]
General MIDI Drum Practice Loops
General MIDI Drum Practice Loops. Standard musical styles. General Practice beats.
General Eight Bar Drum Practice Loops.ra[...]
Compressed file archive [3.7 KB]
Motown Professional Performance MIDI Tracks
Motown's famed Record Producer RG Ingersoll's private MIDI Collection. Hot MIDI Tracks of many of the MOTOWN STANDARDS. . . YOU LOVE AND REMEMBER. These tracks are so hot, you will have to look behind you to see if the band is standing there. The Hot solid performance MIDI for Live stage and demo performance. These MIDI files are standard and should fit on any MIDI engine.
RG Ingersoll - Hotrax Collection - Motow[...]
Compressed file archive [2.2 MB]
Rock Drum Samples for Many Styles of Music
A Musical Jam session just by yourself in bed, or in a tent high in the Rockies. Lots of flavors. The Ultimate MIDI Practice Drum Kit from CKS Software.
CKS Software - Rock Samples AD.rar
Compressed file archive [35.0 KB]
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