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>>>> SDC RADIOWORKS NEWS TICKER <<<< . . . SDCTV Movie of the Week: . .Walt Disney's "Swiss Family Robinson" starring Dorothy McGuire and John Mills . . .120 PEOPLE MISSING IN CHINA LANDSLIDE. . . FIVE REPUBLICAN SENATORS SAY 'NO' ON NEW HEALTH BUILD. . . MANY STATES ARE ADDED TO CALIFORNIA'S STATES LIST. . . Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, says the Democratic Party’s “toxic” brand under House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is making it difficult for their party to connect with voters. . . White House concedes Russia meddled in campaign, but denies it changed the result. . . A powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit near Guatemala's coast Thursday, injuring four people and damaging homes and roads, officials said, just eight days after another strong tremor killed five people in the Central American country. . . Argentina police seize cache of hidden Nazi artifacts. . . Former Secretary Jeh Johnson denied that there was any “delay” in informing the American people of Russian meddling. . . .An officer for Bishop International Airport was stabbed Wednesday in a possible terror-related incident in Flint, Michigan, sources told NBC News. . . visiting Chinese scholar missing from the University of Illinois . .Mark Wahlberg recalled the time he took on his daughter’s boyfriend and got beaten . . . Millions of Americans Got Free Amazon Credits From A Lawsuit. It Expires Saturday. . . Donald Trump — under investigation, under suspicion and underwhelming in his failing presidency continues to drop in approval ratings. . . Military releases details about how USS Fitzgerald crashed. . US AIR FORCE - OVER A DOZEN PLANES DAMAGED BY TORNADO AT OFFUTT AFB. . . RANT & RAVE TALK RADIO. . . SDC RADIOWORKS. . . Catch a Movie. . . SDC TELEVISION.

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