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Prince Frederic von Anhalt, Duke, and Duchess of Saxony and Westphalia, Count and Countess of Ascania, 



Count or Countess of Ascania, Pomerania & Livonia,

With your new title, you will find yourself part of a new world of exclusivity, as you are now recognized as a member in good standing of the oldest European nobility. Who doesn’t want to become part of this selves and exclusive group, and enjoy the special privileges associated with being a Count or Countess?


You can’t fail to notice how those special people with noble titles always get the very best in life. Not only do they receive better treatment wherever they go, but recent research shows that "titled" individuals also tend to be more successful in everything they do.


Most people understand that being a Count or Countess would be a good thing, but few realize how easy this opportunity is to grasp, thanks to the unique and exclusive titles we offer and our impeccable service which makes the whole process of obtaining your Count or Countess title a pleasure.


A Count or Countess title may only be for the discriminating few, but if you are looking to raise your status and standing in life, it could be perfect for you!

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