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STR Stereo Channel Equalizer and VU Meter
StereoChannel is a stereo tool and VU meter with basic console channel controls.
Insert StereoChannel on your stereo tracks to monitor the left, right, middle and side levels as well as phase correlation. This tool also gives you the ability to adjust the L/R and M/S balance. It is designed only to encourage the use of proper gain staging and audio balance workflows in digital audio. MonoChannel is NOT a distortion / saturation / console emulation plugin.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [683.8 KB]
SDC Films Movie Studio Pro Music Sound Effects - Volume 2
SDC Films Movie Studio Pro Music Sound Effects - ROYALTY FREE MUSIC. Created by Coleman Kestin and Smith AI Technoids. This collection is for DRAMAS, DRIVING, RUNNING, HIGH INSTENSE SCENES AND MOVIE FILL BUMPER MUSIC.
Movie Pro Music Sound Effects - Volume 2[...]
Compressed archive in ZIP format [51.3 MB]
AMPED Recording Studios Online - httpsampedstudio://.com
MixPad Music Mixer and Recording software
MixPad Music Mixer and Recording software is a free audio production and recording software that is perfectly designed to be your personal recording studio and music mixer. This music mixing software allows you to load or record audio clips and mix them together. It is the digital replacement of using a multitrack recorder and mixing desk. Expand your musical abilities with the built in MIDI editor. Create remixes, mashups, and beats, as well as add your own recorded audio.

MixPad Free Music Mixer and Recorder Features: * Unlimited audio track mixing * Add audio effects including EQ, compression, reverb and more * Very low latency for sample accurate recording * Record single tracks or multiple tracks simultaneously * Supports a range of audio formats including wav, mp3, aif, wma, vox, m
Windows program file [1.5 MB]
3D Box Shot Maker
3D Box Shot Maker is an easy and FREE tool to virtually desgin quality box shot as your software box cover.It is important to present a professional boxshot to attract your potential customers to take a closer look at your products. An impressive box shot will make your software outstanding, and easily defeat your competitors at the start. 3D Box Shot Maker accepts a front image and a side image as input, and generate the final image on the fly
Windows program file [1.3 MB]
MP3 Metadata File Editor
Edit metadata of audio files. Perfect the audio files with high-quality metadata and cover art. Batch edit multiple audio files at once.

The easiest way to manage the metadata of your audio files Get metadata and cover art from 6 online databases Group edit many audio files at once Add ReplayGain metadata to your audio files Enhanced metadata editor for editing all metadata tags Full metadata support

Typical EZ Meta Tag Editor usages

Manage your audio collection Correct the tags of audio files Get high-resolution cover art to audio files Scan and Add ReplayGain information to audio files
Windows program file [26.6 MB]
DarkWave Digital Audio Workstation
You can easily use the built in sequencer, bundled DarkPlug machines and third-party VST effects and VSTi instruments to create music. DarkWave Studio allows the connection of machines in an ad-hoc fashion. The installer ships with both a 32-bit and 64-bit version.

DarkWave consists of the following main parts:

Studio (Work With Machines) Pattern Editor (Create Pieces Of Music) Sequencer (Arrange Patterns Into A Song) Multi-track Hard Disk Recorder (Master Your Music)
Windows program file [3.2 MB]
Simple Database Creator
Create unlimited databases with unlimited tables, fields, and rows. Includes a custom report builder. Interface with ODBC compatible databases and create custom reports for them.

N.B. - When installing on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, set the application to run as an "Administrator" including the install/setup file.

Features Available:

- Create unlimited databases with unlimited tables, fields, and rows - Filter tables instantly - Run SQL statements with the SQL query engine - Create custom reports for all your databases - Full help file to assist you in creating custom database reports - Full administration capabilities of any ODBC compatible database through our SQL engine - Supports any SQL standard that your ODBC compatible database requires - Export your data to comma separated files
Compressed archive in ZIP format [10.5 MB]
Badge Maker Client 2008
The package you are about to download is authentic and was not repacked or modified in any way by us. You are downloading Badge Maker Client 2008, version 1.0. The download was scanned for viruses by our system. We also recommend you to check the files before installation. The license type of the downloaded software is trial. This license type may impose certain restrictions on functionality or only provide an evaluation period.
Windows program file [1.2 MB]
Adobe Reader Version 9.10
Windows program file [41.1 MB]
Free Quiz Maker
Create Job interview questions. Create a local or national poll. Create pop quizzes for school and other applications.
New file download
SDC RadioWorks On-Air Banner
Nero Audio Wave Editor
Windows program file [2.4 MB]
Nero CD Cover Designer
Windows program file [2.9 MB]
Nero SoundTrax Audio Editor
Windows program file [2.4 MB]
CD Burning Software
Windows program file [6.1 MB]
SDC Radio Production Tools
SDC Radio Production Tools - More Tools for your broadcasts.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [44.9 MB]
Add some of SDC RadioWorks Professional Beds for reading your stories, television and radio. Add a little spice to up your vocal broadcasts. By Keristene Music, Ltd. (BMI) Royal Free created by Kenneth Howard Smith for your project in audio arts.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [47.8 MB]
Microsoft Installer [6.2 MB]
Windows program file [7.5 MB]
Windows program file [4.7 MB]
Windows program file [6.9 MB]
Windows program file [41.1 MB]
Windows program file [10.1 MB]
Format Factory for File Conversion
Format Factory for File Conversion
Windows program file [1.4 MB]
Windows Media Codec Pack
Windows Media Codec Pack
Windows program file [7.0 MB]
Dell AIO Ink Jet Photo 966 Generic Drivers
Found these drivers to work on this unit from 2006 for Windows platform.
Dell AIO Photo 966
Compressed archive in ZIP format [84.6 MB]
SDC Studio VST Plug-ins
VST Sound effects plugins.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [23.3 MB]
A very simple audio editor.
No bells or whistles Just plan straight editing and saving.
Windows program file [2.2 MB]
Or Drum Box Kit
Virtual Drumm Machine
Windows program file [45.5 MB]
Computer Screen Capture
Computer Screen Capture for Stills and Video with great sound recording
Windows program file [18.2 MB]
OCR Document Scanner
Open Source OCR Reader for your scanner.
Windows program file [10.8 MB]
US Standard English Dictionary
US Standard English Dictionary
Compressed archive in ZIP format [5.7 MB]


Process Various Video Formats

AVS Video Editor supports all key video formats. Edit & save video files in AVI, VOB, MP4, DVD, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MKV, using popular codecs H.264, MPEG-4, H.263 etc. Process video with different frame sizes: HD, Full HD, 2K Quad HD and 4K Ultra HD. See a full list of supported video formats.


Edit Your Video with Fantasy

Trim, cut, split, merge, rotate and mix videos with AVS Video Editor. Select between 300 innovative video effects and transitions. Insert menus, audio, text comments and subtitles. Stabilize video camera shaky recordings.


Speed Up HD-Videos Editing

Edit AVI HD, WMV HD, TOD, AVCHD, MOD, MTS/M2TS, etc. with AVS Video Editor. Due to the integrated video cache technology, HD-video editing becomes faster.


Record Your Video

Transfer video from DV/HDV cameras, webcams or VHS cameras and save video on hard drive or burn DVD discs. Record media files from your PC screen and create video guides, training videos or demos.


Make Stunning Slideshows

Capture memorable events and turn them into amazing slideshows. Import images, add your voice or favourite audio tracks, captions and impressive video effects and transitions.


Mary and The Witch's Flower found success at the box office in Japan, proving there's still a demand for Ghibli-style animated family entertainment despite Miyazaki's "retirement."

The film is a labor of love for previous Ghibli alumni and director Hiromasa Yonebayashi and his newly formed Studio Ponoc.

The animators turned to OpenToonz Animation, a free software, to help get the job done. This choice inadvertently made animation history.


Mary and The Witch's Flower became the first feature-length film to utilize OpenToonz's open-source version, although other studios, including Ghibli, have used earlier versions in the past.


This is the SDC Records labeling Software Templates. Included in this download is the McGothic Fonts for the [p] sound symbol using SureThing Label Software or Memorex ExpressIt CD Label Maker. Included is the SDC Records Logo and the old Motown Records Logo label for decorating your label art. You can download the maker from this site.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [2.0 MB]
Venom VB-303 by antto
The middle position belongs to the most controversial freeware plugin on the list. After years of development and months of beta testing, the long awaited Venom VB-303 by antto was finally released in April this year. Praised for its fantastic sound and blamed for the archaic workflow faithful to the original instrument, this is without question the best freeware Roland TB-303 emulation in existence. The instrument is a must-have for all acid fans. When it comes to sound, Venom VB-303 comes incredibly close to its legendary hardware counterpart. You’ll have to admit that it’s hard to notice a significant sonic difference between the two.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [4.5 MB]
Orbisoft's Award-Winning Task Manager 20|20(tm) Business Task Management Software
Use Orbisoft's latest award-winning Task Manager 20|20(tm) business task management software to get organized and manage all your team's jobs and tasks effortlessly. Task Manager 20|20 can be used personally or in a team environment to track personal and shared tasks, jobs (including customer jobs) and projects. Get a quick-view of all your tasks, guard against missed deadlines, balance workloads automatically and forecast work bottlenecks and quiet times. Sample reports include: tasks listed by deadline or date received, tasks by team member, tasks currently overdue, tasks due today, task time budgets, workflow trends, time allocation pie graphs, main/sub-tasks, and many more. Easy data entry allows for minimal time spent logging and closing off tasks. Analyzing task statistics and work
Compressed archive in ZIP format [21.5 MB]
Group eMail Processor and Mailer
Group eMail Processor and Mailer. Easy to use and very small.
Windows program file [14.7 MB]
iZotope Neutrino Music Mixer Plug-in
iZotope Neutrino Music Mixer Plug-in
New file download
CakeWalk's Small Wave File to MP3 Encoder
CakeWalk's Small Wave File to MP3 Encoder. Quickly change wave files to mp3 files.
CakeWalk Wave to MP3 Encoder.rar
Compressed file archive [74.6 KB]
KORG PS-3100 Polyphonic Synthesizer
The FB-3100 is a VST™2.4 software instrument for Microsoft Windows® (both 32 and 64 bit) simulating the KORG PS-3100 Polyphonic Synthesizer from 1977. It is written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU consumption. Main features are:

Close emulation of behavior and all controls of the original hardware
Band-limited oscillators, classic two-pole lowpass filters
Resonators section
Two Modulation Generators, Sample & Hold
Additional paraphonic Envelope Generator
Semi-modular patch panel
Micro-tuning option
Additional tweaks
MIDI Learn – all parameters can be controlled by MIDI CC
Plug-in comes in 32 bit and 64 bit versions
Compressed archive in ZIP format [2.2 MB]



SoundTrap Online Digital Audio Workstation.


u-he Tyrell Synth.  


Song Tracker from
This is RADIO IN REVERSE. ONCE YOU PLAY A SONG ALL THE WAY THROUGH. It's then cataloged and tracked. Everybody knows what you are playing and they are notified. This is digital meta data transferring without the weight of the song. AUTOLOOPING OF YOUR FAVORITE SONG(S) AND YOU BUILD UP BIG NUMBERS FAST. The Desktop App automatically updates your profile with what you've been playing on your computer via native media players such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. Enhance your listening experience, stay up-to-date with what your friends are listening to, view your listening history and share it with your friends. The more we learn what you like, the better it gets. This is a product of CBS Interactive/CBS RECORDS.
Windows program file [15.2 MB]
Virtual Office Receptionist PBX Telephone System
Telephone Numbers in; transfer calls, make calls, record calls, take memos, videos, emails, Answer your calls like a Real Business. YOUR VIRTUAL OFFICE!
Microsoft Installer [16.2 MB]
Android Sound Recorder for AMR to MP3
Smartphones sound recording converter from AMR to MP3s.
Windows program file [7.9 MB]
FREE Ustream Television Broadcaster
FREE Television Station for you from IBM. Start your very own Television Station and broadcast it to the world for FREE. You can later upgrade to the full program that is super advanced for broadcasting in a very simple application.
Windows program file [62.1 MB] has a radio station for you. FREE.  You program your very own shows and music.


Grammarly Story and Letter Editor
Reminds all of us the program RIGHT WRITER. Just a little more refined.
Windows program file [47.2 MB]
Any Sound Recorder
Any Sound Recorder
Windows program file [3.1 MB]
Free Registry Cleaner Wizard
Top-ranking error-resolution registry cleaner that scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information within. This free registry cleaner will remove unused and old entries, including ActiveX, shared DLLs, application info, system drivers, fonts, help files, application paths, sound events, history list and more to keep your registry clean and system stable.
Windows program file [1.3 MB]
WCM Cartoon Maker
You can use images, text and characters in your scripts. with just one line of code they can be moved, rotated, scaled, flipped or become semi-transparent. Characters can speak, walk and wink. Now imagine doing the same in a WYSIWYG tool... Not so easy, right...
There are plenty of examples supplied with the installation. And there is a simple tutorial available for everybody on our web site. There is also a book for those who is not afraid to learn C++ in details to make more advanced animated cartoons!
Windows program file [6.5 MB]
Tonos TC-8 Multi-track Recorder
Tonos TC-8 Multi-track Recorder.- This is the Tonos Wave Recording Studio. It is already exploded and ready to use. First copy the complete file to your hard drive. Then open the TC8 folder and copy the TC8.exe file to your desktop and open the program from there.
Compressed file archive [2.6 MB]
Free Audio Editor
Free Audio Editor that covers lots of operations with a simple interface.
Windows program file [1.4 MB]
Photo Slide Show Maker
Photo Slideshow Maker provides users with a fantastic tool for quickly creating a slideshow of photos and images with background music and animated transition effects. With a simple layout, just a few clicks you'll get your slideshow ready and then they can be applied in your blog, uploaded to video sharing website, played on your mobile phone, etc. This is a great choice for computer users of all skill level.
Windows program file [1.4 MB]
FREE Spreaker Radio Station Setup
You to can start your very own radio station for free. Join the millions of voices on the air and over the internet for free.
Windows program file [47.8 MB]
New file download
Talk Radio Show Voice Over Beds. Use them to make a simple story more fun.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [70.8 MB]
SDC Talk Show Music Radio Beds - Voice Overs Beds
Compressed archive in ZIP format [82.3 MB]
Compressed archive in ZIP format [10.7 MB]
Compressed archive in ZIP format [9.7 MB]
Miles Fontenot's Digital Wave Samples for Hip Hop
This series is called the ODDS & ENDS series for unique sounds and waves forms. This collection of Sound Fonts by Artist and Author Miles Fontenot of Sacramento California.
Miles Fontenot - Hip Hop Odds and Ends S[...]
Compressed file archive [20.0 MB]
DJ Scratches for your Songs
Digital Wave
DJ Scratches.rar
Compressed file archive [192.1 KB]
Yamaha DX7 Bass Samples
Its bass thumped all over hits by Michael Jackson, Wham!, and Tears for Fears. Its simple electric piano sounds blended subtly into the background on tracks like Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” Its leads and pads define the aesthetic of the Giorgio Moroder–produced Top Gun soundtrack along with its numerous hits.
DX Bass.rar
Compressed file archive [92.4 MB]
Magix Music Maker Free
Easily develop your own melodies, rhythms, chords or complex arrangements using your mouse or keyboard. Ideas created in this way can be played using the virtual instruments in Music Maker. You can also change their timing and volume afterwards. The download file is 680 MB. This is the website downloader file.
Windows program file [4.5 MB]
Tracktion 5 (also known as T5), a digital audio workstation with VST/AU Plug-ins
Tracktion 5 comes pre-loaded with a nice selection of virtual effects, a simple (but useful enough) sampler instrument, as well as the ability to load third party VST and AU plugins (both virtual instruments and effects are supported). Needless to say, you can also record external audio sources with Tracktion 5 and edit the recorded clips much like in any other DAW on the market. You get unlimited audio tracks, unlimited MIDI tracks, full automation support, video sync capabilities, a basic time-stretch algorithm, audio comping, track freeze, and loads of other useful features.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [47.7 MB]
Simple MIDI Player Lite
Simple MIDI Player Lite - when you just want to click on a MIDI file and it plays for the review. But this one is just aliitle more advance and useful and simple to use.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [11.0 MB]
Sonic Visualiser
Sonic Visualiser is an application for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files. This is a brief reference manual explaining the concepts used in Sonic Visualiser and how to use it. This manual describes Sonic Visualiser version 2.0.
Microsoft Installer [24.3 MB]
Harmony EFX Vocal Harmonizer
Harmony EFX is a streamlined (and incredibly affordable) version of the industry-leading Harmony Engine Evo Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator. Based on the same groundbreaking Evo™ Voice Processing Technology as its big brother, Harmony EFX puts professional quality vocal harmony arrangements within reach of any musician or engineer.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [15.0 MB]
Poizone Standalone Synthesizer
PoiZone is a subtractive software synthesizer designed to bring you professional quality results, without a learning curve that hinders your creativity. The concept behind PoiZone was to develop a synthesizer which would have the smallest number of controls while providing the maximum flexibility and features.

Useless knobs were ruthlessly removed so what remains is a UI where every knob counts. Once you have spent some time auditioning the preset patches we are sure you will agree that PoiZone packs a lot of punch in what appears to be a simple package, enjoy!
Windows program file [45.1 MB]
WinZip 8.0
This version of WinZip 8.0 is the last of the free ones that you can fully use. Compress files into Zip Files and more.
Windows program file [1.2 MB]
Anvil Digital Audio Workstation - Full Function Software
Anvil Studio ™

This program allows you to: Convert MP3's to MIDI Files.
Record, play, and compose standard multi-track MIDI music files,
Record, play, and edit audio tracks using standard Audio .WAV files,
Compose rhythm tracks with your own sampled sounds.
Mix multiple tracks with effects into a single audio file.
Microsoft Installer [3.8 MB]
Synfig Animation Studio - Free Full Version
Creating an animation in Synfig Studio is really easy. It basically means to change a drawing — you just need to create the first stage and last stage of a change, and Synfig takes care of the steps in between.
Let's look at a simple example. Consider a moving light like the one at the front of the Knight Rider car. Drop the realism, you get a circle moving from left to right and back. In other words, you need to create three 'steps' or 'stages':
Windows program file [88.6 MB]
Primo PDF File Maker
PrimoPDF (free) is a printer driver that creates PDF files from your documents, rather than printing them to paper. After install, whenever you choose the print option from an application, PrimoPDF will be listed along with your physical printers, print to file, etc. It's extremely easy to use and produces excellent PDFs--without the watermarks that some programs add.
Windows program file [6.9 MB]
CKS Software Digital World Music Wave Samples
CKS Software Digital World Music Wave Samples from all over the world. Just a slice of different styles to learn from.
Compressed file archive [63.4 MB]
Open Office Word Suite
Compatible MS Word Suite Word processing power.
Microsoft Installer [2.2 MB]
MP3 Song Tag Editor
You can add a picture to the song file.
Microsoft Installer [3.2 MB]
Expressit CD labeling Software
Expressit CD Labeling
Compressed archive in ZIP format [17.3 MB]
RAR File Unzipper
Rar File Extractor and compression program.
Windows program file [1.1 MB]
Record Company and Recording Studio Management Software - StudioFiles!
Welcome to StudioFiles!

When you launch StudioFiles for the first time, a new sample project is created.

Many of the fields are set with sample entries, letting you have a quick idea about the information you can gather later by yourself. Editing these entries will let you understand easily how it works. Double clicking (or clicking in some cases) inside a list field activates its edit mode allowing you to set new value. Press the Enter key to save your changes.

StudioFiles is a simple and intuitive application. It won't take you long before start using it. All Software is owned by it's creators. CKS Software share recommendations and digital distribution site.

Hope to be useful in your studio.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [10.7 MB]
LANDR Studio Mixing Suite
Mastering is the final step of audio post-production. The purpose of mastering is to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. Traditionally, mastering is done using tools like equalization, compression, limiting and stereo enhancement.
Windows program file [55.2 MB]
Gnuaccounting (download) is a Free Java cross-platform accounting and bookkeeping application.
Business Bookkeeping from employees and payroll, taxes, to products and shipping
Windows program file [47.4 MB]
Coleman Kestin & Smith MS Excel Time Card
Coleman Kestin & Smith MS Excel Time Card
Microsoft Excel sheet [87.5 KB]
Cool Edit Pro
One of the original Digital Audio Workstation's and still one of the best.
Cool Edit Pro 20.rar
Compressed file archive [90.6 MB]
Audacity Digital Audio Workstation
Audacity Digital Audio Workstation
Windows program file [3.0 MB]
CKS Harlow Digital Audio Workstation by Ardour
Bring it to the computer. Grab yourself a nice audio interface. Plug in a microphone or a keyboard. Add a track. Press record. Got it.
Use what you've got. Import audio or MIDI from your hard drive or the Freesound database.
Windows program file [91.6 MB]
Edificius 7 - 3 D Drafting CAD Software - Full Functioning
Design that great office suite you want, or design yourself a complete new building or home. This 3 D CAD Modelling program has it all from top to bottom.
Windows program file [9.0 MB]
Yahama DX - DX7 Classic Synthesizer
Get your retro on with this faithful recreation of the famous DX7.

What it is:
Lush sounding synthesizer based on Yamaha's classic digital synth from 1983 - the DX7.

How we use it:
Be it charming brass or a synth lead, Dexed DX is a great staple for any digital synth sound from the era.

Why it's cool:
The sounds that come out of Dexed DX take you back in time and, though its not the original, the character of this plugin could fool anyone into thinking otherwise.
Dexed is a multi platform, multi format plugin synth that is closely modelled on the Yamaha DX7. Under the hood, it uses music-synthesizer-for-android or the synth engine and JUCE as a plugin wrapper.
Dexed DX DX7
Compressed archive in ZIP format [2.4 MB]
SBA Synthetic
Sleek virtual synthesizer packed with four oscillators, five built-in effects, 128 presets, and infinite possibilities.

What it is:
A synthesizer that truly covers all the bases.

How we use it:
From soaring synth leads to ambient pads - use it for all synth needs.

Why it's cool:
Extraordinarily tweakable - rivals many paid virtual synthesizers.

Quad Oscillators:
The oscillator system in Synthetic is made up two groups. Each group consists of two oscillators, a filter, and an envelope. Each oscillator has seven waveforms to choose from: sine, saw, triangle, square, noise, supersaw, and tri-sine. There are five types of filters to pick from in each group: lowpass, highpass, bandpass, band reject, and peaking.
Built-In Effects:
Synthetic includes five built-in effects: reve
Compressed archive in ZIP format [3.5 MB]
Acon Digital Multiply Chorus
Acon Digital Multiply is a free and versatile chorus effect with a unique twist. Each simulated voice is processed with a phase randomizing filter so that unpleasant comb filter effects are avoided. The effect can be used to simulate the effect of several performers playing the same tones simultaneously, to widen the spatial image or to create special effects for sound design. Multiply can simulate up to 6 additional voices and both the pitch and the loudness of the voices can be modulated. There is also an integrated equalizer consisting of low cut, low shelf, high shelf and high cut filters that can be applied to the effect signal. An integrated pre-delay section makes it possible to create modulated and diffuse echo effects.
Acon Digital Multiply
Compressed archive in ZIP format [4.1 MB]
Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE
The Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE keeps all the advantages of its predecessor and adds multi-disc file backup, an integrated audio CD ripper and further improved support for the exciting new Blu-ray format with capacities of up to 25 gigabytes per layer.
Windows program file [31.1 MB]
MusicMatch JukeBox for Windows 7-8-10
Great for MP3 file editing for tags; Creating playlists for Radio Stations; schools, churches, business and just to party.
Windows program file [1.2 MB]
MIDI Music Composer
This Muslink Lite MIDI Composer let's you build an instrument pattern note by note using musical notes. You later publish your music to a MIDI loop and to a PDF file for printing.
Windows program file [8.3 MB]
SDC RadioWorks Android Application. A work in progress.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [15.5 MB]
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