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APACHE JUNCTION AZ (IFS) --SDC Digital Streaming Services has open the flood gates to its MP3 library for downloads and radio programming.  Downloads may be obtained from KDRC MixTape Mondays Show, SDCX Press Radio and/or SDC MixCloud Radio.  You can pick and choose songs and record your very own audio stream, or download the complete show and use them on your own radio station as main programming or filler tracks.

You can like us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr or leave a kind word in the comments.  There is no sign-up, no registration, no licensing and no hassle.  Please give the artist's credit on their songs with correct title and artist.  You can use the text timeline to copy and paste the song titles and artists on each individual track.

Download here from IFS News Writers to use in your radio broadcast.  The very professional REUTERS NOW and the world news leader that shows you the world.

APACHE JUNCTION AZ (IFS) -- When SDC RadioWorks started out in 1993 with its' first internet radio station, KDTN RADIO ONE - All Music.  The concept was from the first radio station that this writer really learned to cut his teeth at, KUTY-AM at 1470AM.  They played everything.  Then one day, the kid started his internship there and changed the order of radio on the West Coast, forever.

The issue has always been on how to marry the audio and text in a format that can track the music and time frame that it is played in and the name, title and timing stream for each production of music and Public Safety Announcements in RTF/.TXT form.

With the explosion of internet radio stations and the home recording industry, SDC Digital has always had the dream of helping young artists make it to the top of the pile.  How does SDC know that one of their artists has made it big-time?   Copyright infringement notices.  We get more than several notices a week, as our clients sign on with new agencies and they want total control of all streaming products and productions.

For example, below, we have taken the SDCXpress Radio Show's broadcast of the streaming show "KDTN RADIO ONE - Country Cowgirls Show Three" as a demo on how the system works.

With over 10,000 radio start-ups worldwide per month, they have no product.  After one month of recycling their music collection and nothing new in the pipeline, the radio station dries up quickly.

In your Podcast creator, you can pick and play the songs from the playlist that you want in your program, with you at the microphone or just play the streaming service, and let everyone you know that you are a partner with SDC Digital Streaming Services.  Placement of your very own radio show, songs, commercials, local news, current events at any point on the timeline.  The production is "evergreen" to last for many years to come, keeping your productions fresh and uplifting.

"You Can't have a revolution without a song." - Pete Seeger

You can run your show direct from the stream without downloading and pick out your songs that you are going to play and record them into your show using Moo0 Recorder.  The download link is below the picture.

Once the program is launched, its setup is very simple.  You pick and choose your setting as to volume, start recording and pause.  It also has playback.  It has several formats including MP3 at the selection of file extension available.

Creating your very own radio station is made very easy by  You get five (5) hours of storage time for free.  Each show is 15:00 minutes in length or you can upgrade to five (5) hours per show.

Each and every one of our shows has the timeline in metadata format and text form tracking for each song.  The options are everywhere as to use these great quality radio broadcasting tracks in your shows.  The service is free and the music is free too.

KDTN Radio One - Country Cowgirls Show Three Plus the Boyfriends and Guests

KDTN Radio One - Country Cowgirls Show Three Plus the Boyfriends and Guests, dual cast with SDC MixCloud Radio, SDCXpress Radio, and KDRC MixTape Mondays Radio.


00:44 - 2017 POAS Farm PSA_mixdownv4F 48000 3_02
01:15 - Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down - SDC RadioWorks
04:36 - Tude Vox Ro - Make It Through
07:59 - Merrell Fankhauser - Since I Don't Have You
10:45 -The Bobby O Band - Winged Horse (Skeletons Amongst the Mangos EP)
16:36 - Samantha Thouro - Elephant Tears
19:01 - Shay Dillon - I Been Good
22:56 - Taylor Cullen - Sentimental
26:25 - The Crazy Daysies - Medicine Bag
29:11 - The Fallen Stars - Valentine's Day
32:19 - PSNGR002310_Connections_Eng 20 RADIO
32:40 - The Grassmasters - She'll Be Coming _Round The Mountain
35:19 - The Heartpack - When I'm Gone
38:57 - The Heighburners - Lonesome Road
43:34 - The Little Miss - You Can Run
47:07 - The Lonely Ones - Lonely One
51:03 - Tiffany Williams - When Im Gone
54:19 - TJ Carter - To Be Young
57:03 - Van Meter - Ropeburn
61:44 - Vikki Lee - Falling For You
63:56 -Eddie Ray - LA CUMBIA (NITE* SKY)
67:49 - 2017 POAS Farm PSA_mixdownv4F 48000 3_02
68:20 - Lots Holloway - Lights Come Down - SDC Radio One
71:43 -Wyler Delray - Outlaws (A Face in the Crowd)
75:32 - The Ateliers - Tonight - SDC Radio One
80:29 -Melissa Childers - Unwind (Summer Of Singles)
83:32 - Ariana Stewart - Easy For You
86:40 - PSNGR002510_Diner_Eng 30 RADIO


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